Alcohol & Drug Housing Assistance Program

In April 2022, we created and launched a new Alcohol & Drug Housing Assistance Program in partnership with the Clackamas County Behavioral Health Division. Building on our existing peer-led Traditional Health Worker model, we provide housing assistance to adults engaged in substance misuse treatment services while focusing on their recovery.

This program is integrated with our existing team of Traditional Health Workers, CADCs, Peer Recovery Mentors, Outreach Workers, Case Managers and Behavioral Health professionals. This program assists those seeking to find clean and sober transitional housing or stay housed in existing living situations. This program helps with varying aspects of housing assistance that is assessed for each individual’s specific needs.

Alcohol & Drug Housing Assistance Eligibility Requirements (per Clackamas County):

  1. Residence must be in Clackamas County (clean and sober transitional housing or a existing signed lease agreement with property management)
  2. Actively engaged with an alcohol and drug outpatient treatment provider for the past thirty (30) days. This includes actively engaging with individual counseling and/or group sessions
  3. Provide clean urine analysis (UA) lab results for the past thirty (30) days
  4. Meet household income limits per HUD Housing guidelines for stated year

Meeting these eligibility requirements is on-going while receiving assistance and funding for each month while enrolled in the program.


Drew Culver
Housing Case Manager
Alcohol & Drug Housing Assistance
(503) 722-4110 ext. 106