Residential Care

We provide long term residential treatment for adolescents with a focus on developing sustainable and prosocial behaviors and skills that help them overcome trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences. Our caring staff help youth develop life skills, accountability, personal regulation, and the belief that they can be successful.

How it Helps

Our residential treatment programs operate under the principle of unconditional positive regard and the belief that our youth are doing the best they can with the skills, tools and opportunities they have available to them. We support youth and families in developing and practicing skills that will guide them to achieve their individualized goals and reach their full potential.

The program provides individual, group and family counseling by master’s level therapists during their stay. Youth are also involved in a broad range of skill building groups that are strength­-based, culturally responsive, and trauma-­informed.

Our support is relationship-based and informed by principles of mindfulness and restorative justice. We work to create corrective (or positive) attachments with youth to gain trust and help them to be successful in the community, not just in our program. Our staff are required to have their own mindfulness practices, to model self-regulation for the youth, and to take accountability for their actions and the impact they have on youth (and others) in our residential setting (our “community”).

We provide drug and alcohol counseling on site for youth who require it by CADC’s and overseen by a CADC-II level clinician. We also treat and work with youth who exhibit sexually inappropriate or harming behaviors. Youth attend our on-site school delivered in partnership with Clackamas Education Service District and participate in artistic, athletic, and cultural enrichment activities that encourage the development of new interests and passions, connect them with their communities and build self­-confidence.

Who it serves

Currently serving male youth, ages 13 to 18, who are referred from the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) and Juvenile Departments statewide. Youth have gone into the custody of the state with the intention that a placement with us will help them successfully re­join and remain with their families and communities. 

Main Contacts & Key Staff:

Leah Lamb
Residential Program Manager
(503) 266-­3050

Elle Verschingel
Residential Intake Coordinator
(503) 266-3050 ext. 5036

Arrow Norby
Program Coordinator

Kate Stover, LCSW, CCSOT
Youth & Family Therapist

Mariah DeWeese
Youth & Family Therapist

Cesar Chavez Torres, CADC-R
Case Manager & SUD Counselor

Kayla Bandy
Medical Coordinator

In compliance with Oregon Senate Bill 710 adopted 2021 regular session, we post our quarterly reports regarding restraints and involuntary seclusions of children in care. Click here to view.