Lifeguards Program

Lifeguards is a community based program that provides assessment and outpatient treatment services for adolescents who exhibit sexually inappropriate or harming behaviors. Youth participate in individual, family, and group therapy to provide a holistic approach to treatment and to prevent further offenses. With a priority of community safety, Parrott Creek works with youth in the Lifeguards Program by holding them accountable through victim and community restoration. The Lifeguards program works with youth who have been adjudicated within the juvenile justice system and those who have no involvement. The program has expanded to be able to provide preventive as well as responsive services.

Lifeguards Parent Support Group

For all parents & caregivers of children who have engaged in sexually harming behavior.

Group meetings are open to any parent or caregiver*– no matter the child’s age, legal status, or participation in the Lifeguards Program.

Meetings are from 6:45-7:45pm at Parrott Creek’s administrative offices in Oregon City. For questions, contact Scott Wilson, CSWA, QMHP-R, CSCSOT (Lifeguards Program Manager) at 503.722.4110 or

*Meetings are for adults only. Youth & children are not permitted to attend.

Upcoming Meetings:

Thursday, March 28 at 6:45pm


Thursday, April 25 at 6:45pm

How it Helps

Our experience with Adverse Childhood Experiences shows that without timely, appropriate treatment, youth become further traumatized and may respond in ways that create additional victims – with impacts that ripple out into the community.

Lifeguard staff work closely with the youth and their family to create a safe environment for positive change to occur. We help youth identify mutual goals and ultimately help them take accountability for their problematic and harmful sexual behaviors.

The program uses a curriculum based on each individual’s needs and developmental level. Treatment includes individual, family, and group therapy approaches, focusing on respect and hope for change. The Lifeguards Program strives to achieve offender accountability, victim advocacy, as well as positive youth development and the strengthening of families.

At Parrott Creek, our mission is to help children and teens identify strengths and develop skills that build stronger families and safer communities. This program supports youth to overcome trauma, address existing mental health issues, and enhances their ability to lead healthy and productive lives. Our treatment helps youth develop healthy sexual identities and teaches them how to form and maintain healthy relationships.

Does it Work?

For 18 years, Parrott Creek has been running a highly successful model of this service for youth involved in the juvenile justice system. External data shows that youth who completed our treatment had no further sexual offense and less than 5% committed other criminal offenses after one year.

Who it Serves

Adolescents ages 12 to 20

Service Delivery

Sessions are held either in person at our Oregon City office or virtually if appropriate. The Lifeguards program currently accepts OHP, Trillium, and other Medicaid insurances. Parrott Creek will soon also contract with some private insurance companies.


Scott Wilson, CSWA, QMHP-C, CSCSOT*
Lifeguards Program Manager
(503) 722-4110 ext. 109

*Supervised by Paul Stanzione, LCSW, CCSOT