Mission, Vision & History

Mission, Vision & History

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer person-centered and culturally responsive programs and services to address social determinants of health in our community. Our goal is for all people to experience social, emotional, and physical wellbeing with justice and hope.

We deliver our mission by ensuring that Parrott Creek is a unique, values-based, and empowering place to work.

About Us

For over fifty years Parrott Creek Child & Family Services has supported some of our most vulnerable community members: we serve low-income children and families involved in juvenile justice, child welfare, substance misuse and behavioral health systems in Clackamas County; SE Portland; East Multnomah County and, increasingly, across the Portland Metro region.

Our programs range from early interventions for children and teenagers to community based services, outpatient treatment, recovery homes and intensive residential care. Since 1968, we have served more than 30,000 youth and families and currently serve approximately 1,000 families per year in Oregon.

Based on a practice of unconditional positive regard, our programs and services span the continuum of care from early interventions and community support through to outpatient treatment and intensive residential programs. Our approach is to address the various social, economic and health factors that cause trauma to individuals and communities – often called Social Determinants of Health – that lead to poor choices and social dysfunction. We combine evidence based and trauma-informed treatment models with restorative justice and mindfulness to help individuals heal, grow, and succeed.

At its heart, we believe our children and families are smart, capable and doing the best they can with the resources they have available to them. Our job is to help them reach their full potential.

2023 Inspiring Lives Event

Executive Director Simon Fulford, Board Chair Glenn Wachter, Hannah Wachter, & Board Member and District Attorney John Wentworth. Photo courtesy of Mona Lisa Productions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a regional center of excellence in service to children, youth and families.

Our Strategic Plan

Having achieved 95% of the objectives in our 2020-2023 strategic plan, towards the end of that year we embarked a new planning process. With generous grant support to help cover the costs, we engaged Spark Executive Solutions to lead us through a process of analysis, brain-storming and planning.  Sticking to our vision of becoming a regional center of excellence – a vision we believe that we are very much bringing to life – we focused on what we need to do to grow and develop exceptional programs delivered by passionate and well supported staff. 

Our 2024 – 2026 strategic priorities are to:

  1. Deliver successful and innovative programs
  2. Complete our residential campus expansion and triple our treatment program offer
  3. Improve organizational infrastructure to support programs and staff
  4. Strengthen employee engagement to exceed sector benchmarks
  5. Develop a broad-base of ongoing donor support

With our goal being that all people experience social, emotional, and physical wellbeing with justice and hope, the only way to deliver that mission by ensuring that Parrott Creek is a unique, values-based, and empowering place to work.

Recent achievements in delivering our strategic plan include:

  • Breaking ground on our brand new youth residential treatment campus, with doors scheduled to reopen July 2025;
  • Developing and expanding our outpatient mental health, addiction recovery and housing support services in response to Oregon’s behavioral health and homeless crises;
  • Embedding program evaluation and outcome measures across all our services and, in particular, linking our impact to the Social Determinants of Health;
  • Investing  in competitive salaries and benefits, inclusion and equity across the organization and bespoke initiatives that empower our staff to develop, grow and do their very best work;
  • Being a values-led organization in everything we do;
  • Using our position as a credible voice advocating for policy change with local, state and federal government.

Thank you for your interest in, and support of, our vision.